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    Deliver you loose gems and ready jewelry at real wholesale price is my key advantage. I don’t have to say a lot. You can compare prices. Valuable insider knowledge about the industry and Sri Lanka is unbeatable asset. I’m ready to deliver you gems and jewelry at the prices you will not be able to get in person. I cooperate directly with local miners and local craftsmen. On commission is paid at any stage. I certify gems in labs. I guarantee the origin and ensure you if they are fully natural – without thermal or other treatment.

    You can consider me as your agent working in accordance with your order. The commission can be paid by you. I can supply you with loose gems or jewelry. The delivery can be fast and smooth. Can be done in person or via courier. Delivery to almost any country, any place is possible.

    If you need ready jewelry, it’s also my offer.  Gold/silver/Platinum of chosen standard can be used. Diamonds and other materials are purchased by me. I employ skilled and experienced Sri Lankan craftsmen. Any quantity is possible. A single unique jewelry individually designed or bulk quantity of the same model can be produced. It can be simple ring or complex set.   I guarantee the process and take full responsibility of it.

    Laboratory tests can be done be me as well.  The certificate proving the origin and quality will be delivered. You can be sure that your gems are fully natural and were NOT thermally heated or colored.  Sapphires are heated at high temperatures or chemically treated to improve their clarity or to intensify their colors. The rarity makes them highly collectable and prices is set at a premium. Treated sapphire are worth much less. When purchasing unheated sapphires, please be aware that unheated material is rare, therefore always purchase from a reliable supplier who guarantees their gemstones.

    I also can be your guide on Sri Lanka. We can fly or meet there. You can stay anonymous. I may help with translations, negotiations, accommodation, transportations.

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